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Casement Windows Replacement & Installation Services

Casement windows are permanently mounted into space and hinged on the sides rather than sliding vertically or horizontally and open outwards using a crank handle. This type of window is also called Crank window. Casement windows are extremely popular as compared to single or double hung windows as these windows open wider than any other window styles and it lets the maximum amount of air inside the house.

Unlike double-hung or sliding windows, Casement windows are a great choice for those who don’t want an obstructed view because they don’t have a center joint. They come in many sizes and are easy to reach and clean.Falcon Windows and Doors offers a plethora of window options for any style home in any climate. We are also experts in window replacement in Toronto GTA and trusted for the highest quality products, reliable service, efficient installation, and competitive prices.

The best thing about casement windows is that they come in different types. This means you can add a personal touch to your windows and make your house a home by awakening your inner designer and choose between the type, materials, grills, size, and colors of your windows. This type of windows is best for the areas which are difficult to reach such as kitchen sink, the unblocked view is important, and where ventilation is desired.

Types of Casement Windows

Single Frame Casement Windows

As the name suggests, this window consists of a single frame. The glass panels are separated by wood and they open inwards or outwards, depending on the installation.

Double Casement Windows

This window consists of 2 windows hinged on the sides that meet in the middle. Double casement windows are more expensive than the single frame.

Push-out Casement Windows

They are the least popular type of casement windows. The only difference between push-out and other types of casement windows is the usage of the handle instead of a crank.

benefits of casement windows


Casement windows improve ventilation throughout the house as they can be opened at any angle. These windows are ideal in the areas which have warmer climates. You can have a fully open or a half closet window if you opt for a double-hinged window.

Clear View

This type of windows provides increased insulation than double or single hung windows. When properly installed, they can minimize your lighting, heating, and cooling costs. So, if you want to boost your insulation and improve the energy efficiency of your windows, then the casement window is the best option for you.

Avoid Cold Spots

Casement windows provide airtight seals which prevent the air to enter in and the formation of cold spots in your house, thus, improving the warmth retention.

Cost Effective

As casement windows are easier to install, they are the most affordable of all the window styles.

Easy to Open and Close

Due to the use of single-lever latch, casement windows are easy to open and close unlike other styles such as double or single hung windows.

More Security

Casement windows are hard to break into because they have locks which are hook-shaped and these hooks are buried in the frame itself.

Casement Windows Size

Usually, casement windows can be customized by a manufacturer as per your requirements.


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