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Expand Your Living Space With Pass Through Windows

Learn how pass-through windows are becoming a popular feature in new home builds.

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What does a pass-through window mean, and how can a pass-through window renovation project increase the desirability and value of your home?

First off, we know that when homeowners install pass-through windows, it blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Many homeowners prefer to entertain outdoors in the Northern hemisphere during the warmer months, and a pass-through window makes outdoor entertaining a more beautiful reality.


What Do Pass Through Windows Look Like?

A pass-through window is a window that folds or cranks open and closed or a window built on a sliding mechanism that makes it easy to transition food, beverages, or other items between the inside of a home to the outdoor space.

Pass-through windows are becoming a popular feature in new home builds, and existing homeowners who have caught onto this great idea are considering a pass-through window renovation project.

Can These Windows Be Installed Anywhere?

For a renovation project, it’s crucial to understand how the current window sits in the wall and how you want to bridge the transition between indoors and outside.

Here are the common places in a home where a pass-through window renovation project happens:

More Details on The Best Pass-Through Window Styles

As we mentioned, a pass-through window is an excellent idea in the kitchen area. Let’s discuss the most popular styles and see what’s best for your home!

Pass-Through Window Sliders

Sliders are an economical style of pass-through windows. Sliders are generally made of vinyl or fibreglass, and you can easily remove the window screen to transfer items between your house and your deck or patio.

Multi-Slide Pass-Through Windows

Imagine a smaller version of a multi-sliding patio door to picture this style. That’s your pass-through window! 

This style is generally available for aluminum-clad window frames, and the slider is cut to fit the window. 

Additionally, a multi-slider can be custom-cut to fit various windows or above your entire countertop, allowing you to move large trays or more oversized items. Finally, some multi-sliders offer an unobstructed pocket window feature that blends into walls!  

Pass-Through Windows With Bifolds

Smaller in size than a patio door, a bifold pass-through window is a new and different style for your home if your window frames are aluminum-clad wood. 

A bifold style is basically a stacking style of panels in a pass-through window that can be custom-cut to fit over your whole kitchen countertop. Just wait until you see how the panels stack neatly and fold until they’re out of your way. It’s a perfect style for entertaining!

What to Consider With Pass-Through Windows

Pass-through windows are changing how people entertain at home (for the better!). But it’s essential to know some important details before you consider this home renovation project:

The chic look of a pass-through pocket window is desirable to many homeowners. Still, it can be more expensive and is generally reserved for new builds or total home renovation projects.

Pass-through window sliders generally deliver that unobstructed entertaining feature at a more attractive cost because this style is made of budget-friendly vinyl or fibreglass.

Make The Connection With Pass-Through Windows in Your Home

Pass-through windows create an unobstructed opening in your home, and that’s a good thing!

When you install pass-through windows, you’re connecting the inside and outside of your home to create a seamless entertaining space:

Falcon WD Windows and Doors is your friendly and knowledgeable expert in installing pass-through windows or any type of window replacement needs you have now or in the future. Contact us today!


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