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Push Out Casement Windows

is a great option for hard to reach places

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Over the years, people have developed a love for casement and for a good reason. When open, they provide unobstructed sightlines, perfect for homeowners who like to look at their surroundings. Unlike traditional windows, casement windows do not feature a center rail.

When you hear someone talking of casement windows, they refer to the casement windows with single frames most of the time. A push-out style, which combines the typical crank-operated casement window with a few novel features, is available on some new windows. These windows are ideal for difficult-to-reach areas since they maintain the same level of quality as their predecessors. Learn more.


A Push Out Casement Window: How It Works

For those seeking simplicity, casement windows are a unique and simple-to-open solution. This is how it works: They may be opened by twisting a handle and gently pushing on it. If you’re searching for a quick and fast way of opening your windows, they’re a great option!

Benefits of Installing Push Out Casement Window   


1. They Are Perfect for Hard-To-Reach Places

Windows over sinks, dressers and other fixtures can be challenging to open. If you’re trying to open a double-hung window over the sink when the handle is just out of reach when you’re in the kitchen, having a push-out window in your home can save your day. It’s ideal for tight spaces and areas that require the window to be opened.

2. Sight Lines Are Not Obstructed

Like many casement windows, Push-out windows allow an uninterrupted view when wide open. This is especially useful for windows with scenic views. Push-out windows with the French design go a step beyond, with two separate windows beside each other and two fasteners on opposing sides. The windows open wide to reveal a panoramic view since there isn’t any pole or structure in the center.

3. Features That Can Be Customized

You can customize Push-out windows in various ways to increase functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Frictional hinges on certain windows allow users to open them to any point while remaining in position. It removes the likelihood of the window closing on its own. Retractable screens, luxury finishes, and energy-efficient glass are all options for push-out windows.

Push Out Casement Windows: Do They Have Screens?

Casement windows usually open outwards, like a door, since they have hinges on the side. Casement windows, different from double-hung or sliding windows, do not have rails, and you only push them open, giving them the appearance of a bay window. Screens are on the inside part of the windows – hence they are better protected from bad weather. Casement windows are a great window option for places like above kitchen counters or sinks. It allows you to open it using a crank- which is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

At Falcon WD Windows and Doors, our reputation for quality products, smart solutions, and reasonable prices is why we continue to be the trusted window and door replacement company in Toronto and GTA. With a wide range of window and door options for every taste and style, any home can enjoy a fresh new look that’s also energy efficient and built to last.

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