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Choose the design of your new front door

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Front door replacement is a popular home improvement project that provides energy efficiency and a greater curb appeal.

Styles and designs of front doors have become more versatile and affordable, and while traditional wood doors remain classic, it’s not your only option. 

Composites and uPVC options are more recent options. Composite doors get compressed and glued together during high-pressure manufacturing, while uPVC doors are entirely plastic.


Things to Consider With Front Door Replacement

The preferred front door materials are wood, fibreglass, or steel in our four-season climate.

Here’s a checklist you can use to help you select a new front door!

Front Door Style 


Front Door Materials 

Let’s talk about the primary materials for front or side entry doors. As we mentioned, these materials include fibreglass, steel, and wood.

Wood door materials include maple, pine, fir, oak, mahogany, cherry and walnut:

Premium steel doors should get manufactured with an inner frame and high-density foam insulation:

Fibreglass is the most widely chosen material for front door replacement:


Front Door Costs

High-end, solid wood doors can be costly, and wood requires maintenance and inspections for damage.

Although customized steel doors come at a higher price tag, steel can be a cost-effective material.

Fibreglass can be inexpensive, but a quality fibreglass door is generally on the higher end of the price scale. Also, it’s pretty easy to damage cheaper fibreglass doors, so professionals typically recommend a higher quality in this material.

How to Hang an Entrance Door

Typically, front doors get installed to hang on an exposed, three-hinge system, but that’s not your only option anymore!

A modern front door can be hung with hidden hinges or even on a “vertical pivot” that allows the door to open wider and let more light in, and the door hinge or pivot can be located on either side. 

Front Door Swing Direction

Generally, an exterior front door swings inwards from the outside, but you can customize your front door to swing outside. 

Front Door Colors 

The truth is, you can practically have any colour of the rainbow in a front door now!

While a natural varnished wood stain remains classic and beautiful, some people make a big statement with reds, blues, greens, even oranges, or a high-gloss black front door. It’s essential to respect the overall esthetic of your home and the neighbourhood around you.

Falcon WD Are Your Local Experts

Falcon WD Windows and Doors has proudly served the GTA and surrounding communities for years. Falcon’s team of experts will advise you on the best materials and selection for your front door replacement to meet your requirements, your budget, and your safety and security. 

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