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The door’s material has a large role
in home protection.

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What Doors are Best for Home Security?

Just started your door and window replacement project? Have in mind that homeowners face the most difficult task – filtering important information. For instance, when we go on a door/window shopping spree, we are bombarded by facts like material life span, efficiency ratings, UV protection. So, losing track and forgetting about security measures is quite common. Apart from energy efficiency and aesthetics, front doors influence and determine the safety of a home. Statistics show that 70% of home invasions happen through doors (garage, front and patio).

To help you out with your replacement adventure, here are some useful tips & tricks while you are at it:


The door’s material has a large role in home protection. However, if the door isn’t properly constructed or installed, it can cost you much more than its actual price. There are other factors involved when determining door quality: lock systems, size, width, additional coatings and life spans.

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