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9 Modern Window Trim Ideas to Improve Your Interior

Find how adding a window trim to your Toronto house boosts the property’s curb appeal & improve functionality.

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Modern window interior trim designs help boost your Toronto home’s cab appeal and improve functionality. In this blog, we highlight nine popular interior window trim ideas. But first, let us look at what is in window trimming. 


Window Trim Viewpoint

There are two purposes for which homeowners install window trim molding in their Toronto residence. One is to help create a sophisticated look in the interior and the other is for practical or functional use. Window trims can be stained or painted to match your chair rails and the overall interior décor of your home. 

Decorative black window trim or colorful trim boosts curb appeal, functional trim helps cover any gaps between the window frame and drywall. You can choose window trim molding from wood, MDF, and PVC.

Is Trim, Molding, and Window Casing the Same?

No, but window experts sometimes use these terms interchangeably.


Window experts use the term trim to mean cut clean lines. Trimming is an art contractors or interior designers use to add a decorative look to a window. Window installation technicians can use the word trim or molding to describe the same element. 


Window contractors use the term molding to refer to the materials builders use to create the aesthetic element or finishing touch to windows.


The casing is a molding profile home remodelers use to surround a window or door. While trim can also refer to floor, wall, or ceiling molding, casing tends to distinguish the trim around windows and doors. The practical purpose of a window sleeve is to seal any visible gaps or spaces between window frames and the surrounding architectural surfaces.  

9 Top Interior Window Trim Ideas for Your Toronto House

Professional home decorators use modern window trim ideas to enhance the interior design and add function to your living space. Whether you choose a colorful trim or a black window trim, these top nine modern window trim ideas can dress up your walls and help boost character in your Toronto home.

1. Wide Modern Trim Design

modern window trim ideas

modern window trim ideas

The wide modern trim is a state-of-the-art design that includes the following features.

Modern wide trim portrays a spacious kind of illusion that makes the design a natural choice for small-size homes or buildings. Typically, you can use modern wide trim on many applications such as baseboards, window casings, and door frames.

2. White Window Trim on Pitch Dark Walls

modern window trim ideas

Adding a white trim on pitch-dark painted walls creates a contrasting look adding a majestic element to your interior living space. Window experts match white and darkened colors in formal rooms and contemporary settings.  

When choosing white trim on pitch-dark walls, you do well to consider the finish and shade of the window casing and the drywall to attain the expected elegance.

3. Black Window Trim

black window trim

The black window trim is popular among many Toronto property owners. When done by professional window experts, this design can be classic and attracts the eye. The stark color makes your indoor space look more custom and creates depth in your room. Remodelers use this color option in ultra-modern establishments and homes to help make window frames appear thicker.

It is a good window trim idea to use a glossy finish for a shine-back look on your interior window. But a matte polish or wax creates a subtle appearance. Because black color is neutral, you can match this shade with light and dark-colored walls. However, this design stands out when paired with white backgrounds.

4. Overlay Casing Design

interior window trim

window trim

Window professionals apply the overlay casing over well-maintained existing chair rails and baseboards. Remodelers use this technique to refurbish older living spaces to help make the rooms look newer. 

Window experts ensure that the overlay casing covers the molding on the interior walls, secured horizontally around the room. This unique interior style contains the following features.

Overlay casing is less costly when compared to window trim types such as the wide modern one. 

5. Wooden Trim

window trim

Typically, builders use the wooden trim technique for decorating windows and doors. This design contains the following features.

While oak, cherry, and maple wood trim are preferable for decor, window experts use soft wood such as pine for functional trim. Applying a gloss finish to your wooden paneling creates a more standardized look. A matte polish produces ultra-modern results.

6. Classic Wainscoting Continuation Design

interior window trim

interior window trim ideas

Wainscoting typically involves decorative wooden paneling going around the walls of a room. A wainscoting design features a rustic grey-green decorative window trim. Popular types of this window trim design include chair rail, baseboard, and flat-stock lumber.

Designers use this ancient trim idea to uplift ultra-modern interiors. Wainscoting continuation creates a classic look in a general home office. Your unique collection of office furniture such as antique chairs, contemporary desks, and traditional woven window fabric, can match well with wainscoting to create unparalleled office space. 

Because the wainscoting design catches the eye, you can use it on one wall to create a unique space to display your family photos and memorabilia.

 7. Warm, Neutral Colors

window trim ideas

Cozy natural wooden cabinets and window trims help create a comfortable feeling in a large kitchen and provide a central place for family and friends to share a meal. Neutral colors enhance typical kitchen features such as safety, freshness, and neatness.

8. A Burst of Color Variance

colorful window trim

A flash of dark-blue color painted on the window frame against bright white casings and drywalls naturally catches the eye.

This design causes your guest to focus on your dining area’s modern setting. The wainscoting in the kitchen blends well with the color contrast to create an atmosphere of warmth and a sophisticated look for your Toronto interior space.

9. Rustic Window Trim

interior window trim ideas

Rustic window trim style combines natural materials such as wood and cowhide. Some of the top features of this design include:

Interior decorators use rustic window trim to give modern homes a touch of a traditional and natural look.

Adding Window Trims – is a Good Choice for Your Toronto Home

Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, adding window trims idea to your house can boost your property’s curb appeal and improve functionality. Builders and decorators use different materials such as wood, PVC, and MDF to create beautiful and versatile window casing designs to suit small and large rooms, living rooms and bedrooms.

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