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Windows and Doors Kleinburg: Installation & Replacement Services We Provide

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Are you looking to upgrade your home with brand-new windows and doors? One of the challenges homeowners encounter is finding the right energy-efficient and stylish windows and doors that fit.

If you are in Kleinburg, our expert windows and doors Kleinburg team can do the perfect window and door replacement and installation job.

Signs That Your Doors and Windows Are Overdue for Replacement

Most artificial things never last forever, and this is undoubtedly true of windows and doors. Here are three signs that they are due for replacement:

Difficult to operate doors and windows usually don’t close well, which may let in cold air, dust or water. These elements can cause sickness to occupants. At Falcon WD Windows and Doors, we always recommend our clients replace faulty installations to avoid additional indirect expenses such as illness from outside elements.

When doors and windows are new, and of good quality, you’ll notice that they provide excellent soundproofing and they save energy. Windows that cannot retain heat during winter months will result in an increase in utility bills because you will use other air conditioning options, which will cost money. Replacing the old windows or doors is actually cheaper than running AC because of old windows. 

Damaged doors and windows will let in invasive insects, rodents, and even bacteria that may negatively affect your health or that of your loved ones. Duct taping or any other DUI solutions are not as effective as a complete replacement. It’s more economical to replace damaged doors and windows. Falcon WD has competent responsive installation staff to handle such a task. 

Falcon window and door installation services cover the entire city of Kleinburg and the surrounding areas.

3 Services Windows and Doors Kleinburg Installation & Replacement Professionals Provide

windows and doors Kleinburg

Our Kleinburg windows and doors team aims to make every assignment easy, enjoyable, and memorable. Here is a list of what we do:

We are Open to Initial Consultation

The first call and appointment will help us consolidate your ideas and objectives regarding the window and door upgrade. It includes your energy efficiency and window styling needs. Besides the recommendations, we also explore further any other considerations that could make the project more than worthwhile.

We Discuss the Project Design

The initial assessment will often switch to the finer details concerning the actual window and door design suitable for your home.

Our rich design catalog might help, but we invite you to visit our showroom to check out some of the most efficient, stylish, curb-appealing windows that might work for your needs.

Falcon WD’s friendly and warm staff readily answers all your questions and listens to your concerns. We will also take you through the paces regarding the window installation/ replacement process from start to finish, just click on the contact link. 

We Bring the Window/Door Project to Life

The ultimate aim of our meetups is to actualize your wishes regarding the right windows for your property. Our window replacement Kleinburg installers with the most advanced tools and equipment will be ready to begin work and complete it within the agreed schedule and time frame.

Why Choose Falcon WD As Kleinburg Windows & Doors Upgrade Experts 

windows and doors Kleinburg

We at Falcon Windows and Doors have been in the window and door replacement and installation business for over a decade. 

Our experience and output speak for themselves. Our high reputation in the industry means we are never short of loyal clients. Here’s why we’re your best window project option:

 Create the Most Positive Customer Relationship

Where would we be without our loyal customers? Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. So, we make the best, most friendly environment to work together. Falcon WD provides after-sales support, ensuring everything is functional, comfortable, and easy for you.

Provide the Highest Quality Window and Door Kleinburg Installation

While your budget dictates the type of window upgrade for your property, we ensure the most affordable yet quality installation that will last you for many years. Falcon windows and doors Kleinburg staff will show you different super designs that fit within your budget, however tight.

We Have a Wide Range of Window and Door Options

A diverse market comprises diverse window and door upgrade needs. That’s why there is something for everyone within our Kleinburg windows showroom. 

For example, do you prefer awning windows as opposed to casement windows? You won’t be disappointed if your style gravitates to double sliders or double-hung windows. The vast category of sizes, shapes, and colors also helps us cater to a diverse market.

We Customize Your Windows and Doors

Falcon WD’s number one agenda is to meet an individual customer’s window and upgrade needs based on efficiency and style. So, we keenly assess your home, taking the correct measurements and providing something you envision alone.

We Pride Ourselves on Excellent Customer Reviews

Falcon WD customers speak highly of our services. For example, we have a rating of 98% from our customers at Homestar. You can have a look at our recent projects to gauge our performance.

Windows and Doors Kleinburg: Five-Star Services

Having just about anyone install your new windows and doors is never enough. You have to choose a highly qualified team with the necessary hard and soft skills, which Falcon WD Kleinburg windows professionals possess.

Please call our windows and doors Kleinburg experts at (647) 977-1010 to assess and install the most suitable windows and doors at affordable rates.


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