How to Freshen up your Front Door?

How to Freshen up your Front Door?
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How to Freshen up your Front Door?

When buyers/guests see your home, the first thing they notice is the entrance. Our front doors represent the entire home. Fortunately, upgrading your entrance isn’t a tough job and it can be accomplished for a cheap price too.

How to Freshen up your Front Door?

Here are some unique ways of freshening up your front door:


The most wonderful way to refresh your entrance is by putting some greenery and plants around it. From flower boxes to large, authentic vases, greenery always does the trick. You can get even more creative and surround your entrance path with flowers of all kinds and colors.

Note: Remember to make everything blend with your home’s aesthetic. You can play around with colors, but don’t experiment TOO much. It can end up leaving the wrong impression.


After you finish a door or window replacement project, don’t forget that you need to show some care later on. Windows and doors must be repainted after a while. This ensures that they always look fresh and brand new.

You can try to make your front door the same color as your exterior shutters. This will leave quite an impression. Color symmetry looks astonishing, especially in curb appeal and interior décor.

Note: Be careful while you are repainting. There have been cases where windows and doors become stuck after a repaint job gone bad.


Putting a glass on or around your door looks amazing both from inside and out. By putting glass, you also get more natural light in your hallway. There are many options you can go for. You can put an arch window on top or some static small windows around your front door.

Note: Remember to put the glass as far from the doorknob as possible. Burglars can break it, reach the knob from the inside and open your door.


Besides glass décor and flower boxes, you can also invest in some other unique decorations. This includes fancy house numbers, knobs, and doorbells. You can also purchase authentic lambs and make your entrance shine, even in the dark cold nights. This is also an amazing safety measure.

Remember not to overwhelm your doorway with thousands of decorations. Choose 4 or 5 and make them look nice together. You can also add a flare to your welcome mat, family name monograms, and wreaths.

If your home has more of a traditional look, consider adding a canopy. This will authenticate your front door and make it more appealing and noticeable.

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