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Top 6 Windows Brands in Canada

How to find the top-rated window manufacturers and get energy-efficient windows that serve you well for a long time

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Top-rated windows in Canada aren’t just a matter of the best brand name. The best windows in Canada must be energy-efficient because studies show up to 30% of your energy bills can get wasted through leaky or drafty windows. That’s why we always recommend good-quality windows!

The top rated window manufacturers in Canada ensure their products are efficient and long-lasting, and the best windows and doors are available in various types and materials to suit your home improvement project or the renovation of an investment property. It’s also important to choose window styles on more than just what’s popular at the moment. You won’t regret choosing good quality windows in Canada, and you’ll see the benefits for many decades to come.

There are many Canadian window manufacturers, and shopping for house windows in Canada can seem daunting. That’s why we created this guide of the top rated window manufacturers. Let’s start with four important considerations when choosing windows in Canada.


Four Important Considerations When Choosing New Windows in Canada

Good quality windows in Canada depend on the frame, glass, and installation, and the best window designs can increase efficiency and last for many decades.

1. Choosing the Right Frame for House Windows in Canada

The best windows and doors look beautiful, but it’s the efficiency that you’ll love the most. Here are the materials used by the best Canadian window manufacturers.

Vinyl Windows in Canada

Homeowners and property owners on a budget have chosen vinyl windows in Canada for many years, and now, there’s even better news. Because top-rated window manufacturers in Canada are now making vinyl windows even more efficient with better insulation to help prevent leaks.

Wood Windows in Canada

Traditionally, the top rated windows in Canada have been made of wood, and you can still choose good quality windows manufactured using wood materials. It’s important to note that wood windows in Canada require much more maintenance than other materials to stay functional and efficient, and maintenance can often cost you more.

Aluminum Windows in Canada

People who live in a rainy area with high humidity will often select aluminum windows because the best aluminum windows and doors are less likely to rust. Aluminum frames don’t swell like wood materials, and this type of frame is easy to customize.

Fibreglass Windows in Canada

More Canadian window manufacturers now offer frames made of polyester resin blended with glass fibers. The best fibreglass windows and doors get manufactured with the highest energy efficiency and durability, and these extremely good quality windows are easy to customize. Fibreglass is more expensive, but the benefits pay off over the long term. 

top windows brands in Canada

2. Choosing the Best Glass for House Windows in Canada

The best windows and doors in Canada contain either double-pane glass or triple-pane glass

Here’s what to know:

3. Designs of the Best Windows in Canada

Top-rated window manufacturers know that window design must look beautiful and offer your home more security and peace of mind. Here are the most popular styles, as well as the best windows to help deter intruders from trying to break in:

Double-Hung Designs

This popular double-hung window design has two frames that open on sliders. It looks good, and this design is generally very affordable.

Casement Designs

Casement window design is good for home security, using a crank handle—like a horizontal door handle—to open the window and allow fresh, cool air in.

Awning Designs

The difference between awning windows and casement windows is that the crank handle opens vertically. This design works really well when it’s raining outside and offers greater home security in basement windows.

Slider Designs

Slider windows open on a horizontal track that slides, and the design can be one slider or two frames that slide open. Sliders are an affordable and long-lasting option for older homes.

Bay or Bow Designs 

These designs look the same, and a bay or bow-designed window generally contains between three to six panes of glass. The difference is that bay windows open to the outside on a sharper angle, while bow windows open on a gentler curve to the outside.

Fixed or Skylight Designs 

These designs don’t generally open. A fixed window is primarily decorative, and skylights get installed to allow light in from overhead.

4. Choosing Between Professional vs DIY Window Installation

Canadian window manufacturers always recommend professional window installers to complete the job. Top-rated windows in Canada are manufactured to be durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient, and skill and knowledge are required to ensure proper installation. 

A homeowner or property owner attempting a DIY window installation could void the product’s warranty and open the property to harsher outdoor elements. A professional window installer also offers you legal protection against unexpected damages, and repairs are generally covered under warranties, so you’re not hit with unplanned expenses.

6 Best High End Windows Manufacturers in Canada

Here are the six top-rated window manufacturers in Canada offering the best window and door options for your home improvement projec

1. Pella Windows and Doors

The Pella 350 Series window brand is intended to compete with other vinyl windows. It’s ENERGY STAR certified for maximum energy efficiency – the windows are Low-E triple-pane glass, reducing cold air and heat loss infiltration. It also promises a 15–30-year lifespan for the windows. It merely requires occasional cleaning.

It is a top-notch alternative for energy savings. You can add additional security sensors, designs, and colors to the windows- these windows will add value to your home whether you replace or update.

Cons: The expense can add up quickly based on the number of windows you want to repair or improve. The same applies to customizing the windows.

Material: Vinyl

Styles: casement, sliding, awning, fixed, custom, and bay/bow.


Colors: white/almond, burgundy, tan, black, brick red, and morning sky gray

Cost: The cost varies depending on the material and style of your choice

patio door installation

2. Andersen Windows and Doors

Andersen is a well-known brand when it comes to house window replacement. Their current replacement window range includes 35 unique window styles for residential window installation. Andersen windows are readily available in various types to meet the particular needs of a window fix or replacement job. They are available in multiple operational styles, colors, wood frame varieties, forms, and features -They also offer various window options, including replacement windows, new construction windows, and even storm-resistant windows. Andersen is well-known for manufacturing high-quality awning windows, casement windows, single and double-hung windows, sliding windows, bow and bay windows, and picture windows. Additionally, they offer custom-made specialized windows.

Cons: More costly compared to vinyl windows

Material: Fiberx (Composite Frames), Aluminum, and Fiberglass

Styles: Awning, Casement, Double Hung, Picture, Bay and Bow, Sliding.


Colors: White, black, prairie grass, terratone, sandstone, dove gray, forest green, red rock, dark bronze, cocoa bean, and canvas

Cost: The price varies according to the material, the style you select, and the series of pieces you want.

3. Marvin Window and Door Manufacturer

Marvin Windows started in 1912 and currently has twenty manufacturing facilities in Canada. Marvin Windows is offered only through independent, independently run dealers.

Marvin provides various window options, including wood, fiberglass, and other materials. In addition to stunning replacement wood windows for the home, Marvin is well-known for providing excellent customer service.

Cons: Prices seem expensive depending on the value of the material.

Material: Wood, Aluminum, Fiberglass

Styles: Awning, Bay and Bow, Casement, Corner, Double Hung, Hopper, Picture, Sliding, Single Hung.


Colors: Bronze, Cashmere, Ebony, Evergreen, Pebble Gray, and Stone White

Cost: The cost varies depending on the material and style selected

4. Milgard Windows and Doors

Milgard Windows is an innovative window manufacturer. As a vertical integration window maker, Milgard creates each window from parts it produces. Milgard manufactures all of its replacement windows and doors in-house, from beginning to the end, to ensure the top quality. Home Depot carries Milgard windows so that you can compare your alternatives for new window installations.

Cons: Customer service needs improvement

Material: Alumunium, Fibreglass, Vinyl

Styles: Single Hung, Double Hung, Casement, Sliding, Awning, Circle, Picture, Bay, and Bow


Color: Bronze, classic brown, espresso, tweed, sand, silver, fog, and ivory

Cost: The price range is determined by the type of material and design chosen.

5. Jeld Wen

JELD-WEN manufactures windows, and doors, for new construction, remodeling, and repairs. The firm offers a variety of windows, each designed to match your project’s needs. Builders, Premium, and EpicVue window series come in various styles, shapes, and materials.

Cons: Customers complain about drafts, mold, decay, deterioration, water leaks.

Material: Wood, Vinyl, Aluminum

Styles: Single-Hung, Sliding, Bow, Bay, awning, casement


Color: White, Bone White, Heirloom white, Ivory, Mocha Cream, Almond, French vanilla, Chestnut bronze

Cost: The cost is based on the material and style you choose.

6. Vinyl-Pro Windows Canada

Vinyl-Pro offers some of the best vinyl windows in Canada using Space Saver technology for energy efficiency. Another feature of Vinyl-Pro windows is their durability to resist scuffing or fading.

Cons: There is little choice for other window materials.

Material: Focused on vinyl material windows with lead-free uPVC for maximum efficiency.

Styles: Awning, Casement, Single-Hung, Double-Hung, Slider, Fixed, Picture 


Color: Customizable color choices, including White, Ivory, Cream, Brown, Bronze, and other color variations.

Cost: Depends on optional accessories and styles selected.

Vinyl-Pro windows reflect up to 96% of thermal and solar energy with Low-E coatings. All windows are covered by a transferable lifetime manufacturer warranty in case of product defects or any damage during installation.

Vinyl-Pro window frames have a fifteen-year guarantee, and insulated glass and hardware have a ten-year warranty.

If you’re like many homeowners, you take the windows in your home for granted. Quality windows installed by professionals can last a long time with minimal maintenance. You’ll notice your windows in a hurry, however, if they malfunction or your energy bills climb. If your windows are near the end of their lifecycle or damaged beyond repair, now might be the time to consider upgrading with windows from the best window manufacturers in Canada. Getting energy-efficient replacement windows and maintaining them will lower your heating and cooling bills. That means you’ll save money and protect the environment.

But how do you find the top-rated window manufacturers in Canada? You’ll want to research the various window manufacturers, consider window types of windows available, learn about frame materials, and consider certifications. Doing all of the above will help you find energy-efficient windows that serve you well for a long time.

How to Choose the Right Window Contractor?

Get Local Referrals and Research

Sometimes the most effortless approach to find a reputable local replacement window installation is through word of mouth recommendations from friends and neighbors. Nevertheless, how can you tell which businesses are respectable and which ones are not? The trick is to conduct your research on the internet. A simple search engine inquiry will yield area contractors who have received positive evaluations and have an established track record of providing quality service. These individuals stand out in their community as dependable individuals in whom others can place their faith.

Make Sure They Have Insurance

If you want to avoid any complications with your home renovation, you should hire an insured contractor, including workers’ compensation and liability coverage. If you or your property suffers damage, you must ensure that they will be compensated.

Choose A Contractor That Offers Solid Warranties

A window installation contractor offers several different types of protection for you and your investment. A warranty for the glass itself ensures that the glass is no longer usable if it breaks, while a warranty for the installation ensures that you can have a contractor come back and fix an error on their part. Additionally, warranties for non-glass components ensure the base of your windows is in good working condition for years to come.

There are many well-established manufacturers from which to choose from the list above. All of these businesses have established solid reputations and are well-known for providing exceptional levels of customer service. The companies would be excellent places to start if you are experiencing difficulty making your decision.

Falcon WD Windows and Doors offers a contemporary choice in high quality windows replacement for both older and new homes. Falcon window replacements are available in a variety of different styles, colors, and features for any interior home design. If you’re in the market looking for new windows or doors, you want to make sure you get a great product. When it comes to windows and doors, Falcon Windows is the best choice of window company. You get a great product at an amazing price.

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