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7 Steps How to Choose Best Windows for Your Toronto House

Read in our guide how to choose best windows for your house.

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When it comes to windows, homeowners are no longer solely concerned with whether or not they can find the right window coverings. Instead, the primary concern among consumers today is to reduce the cost of heating and to cool their homes to the bare minimum. Therefore, it’s important to know the options that will provide the most return on investment in new construction and window replacement without hurting your wallet.


Step #1. Choose the Option: Window Replacement or New Installation

Among the initial decisions that a homeowner has to make is whether to install new windows or replace the existing ones. Here’s the difference between the two options:

Installing New Windows

Homeowners install new windows when they wish to change an existing window’s opening style or size and install a fully new window in its stead. This kind of installation and the associated carpentry work requires the services of an experienced contractor. 

Even though new windows aren’t necessarily more expensive than replacements, the additional labor costs can raise the final bill. One of the most significant advantages of new windows is that they allow you to transform your home’s inside and outside completely.

Replacing Old Windows

When installing replacement windows, it’s recommended that you remove the old ones carefully to avoid damaging the surrounding trim or frame. Then, replace the old windows with new ones or sash intended to fit exactly into the opening that is already there. The price of replacement windows is comparable to that of brand-new windows; however, the cumulative cost is lower because it requires minimal labor to complete the installation.

When the old window frame is still in good shape, or the trim is appealing and suits the home’s décor, replacing the windows with new ones is a fantastic alternative to consider. When you consider your financial situation, it is beneficial to make cuts in labor expenditures. Replacement windows may come in stock size, or the homeowner may easily have them customized to fit any opening by placing an order with the company that made them.

Step #2. Find The Best Window Type for Your Home 

After settling for either a new window installation or replacement, you can move to the next step, which involves selecting the window style or type that suits your taste.

Main Window Types 

Explore the details for the 10 most popular window types for your home. After that, you can make an informed decision on your choice. They include: 

Step #3. Look for The Most Energy Efficient Windows 

The equation for energy efficiency is somewhat complicated. Various aspects affect a window’s thermal performance, from the glass to the frames. In addition, the window itself requires careful installation to perform at its highest possible efficiency level.

Window labels and product ratings provide the information necessary for making product comparisons. On the other hand, some aspects of windows affect energy efficiency, but these aspects are difficult to convey on a sticker.

Step #4. Find out The Most Durable Window Types 

When looking for replacement windows, you will probably want to research the most durable window types in terms of the components they are constructed from. The excellent news is that the typical standard of quality of windows produced today is quite high. Therefore, practically every variety of windows on the market today can serve their owners for decades without requiring replacement.

Here is a look at a few different kinds of windows available for purchase so that you know the choices available to you.

Wood Windows

wood house windows TorontoBefore vinyl became the most popular material for window construction, wood was the most widely used material for windows. Wood is still desirable, although its popularity is slightly lower than vinyl. For example, it has a sophisticated aesthetic that is hard to find in similar products. 

Consider, however, that over years and decades, wood can get warped, rot, and chip. You may, however, ensure that they survive longer by performing some continuous care on them, which will entail sanding and refinishing them regularly at set intervals.

Vinyl Windows

vinyl windows TorontoOne of the most notable qualities of vinyl windows is their extreme sturdiness, as evidenced by their resistance to chipping, peeling, and warping. Another benefit is that it won’t call for much care. Sanding, painting, and staining won’t be necessary for these items. You can obtain them in virtually any color you can think of, and the amount of maintenance required will be as simple as sometimes cleaning them with a clean cloth and a solution of water and detergent. 

Fiberglass Windows

fiberglass windows TorontoFiberglass windows are well-known for their longevity; in certain quarters, they are considered the more upmarket alternative to vinyl windows. It is because windows made of fiberglass do not rot, break, or warp and can remain in good shape even in extreme weather conditions. It is an especially crucial benefit in a place like Canada, where the weather may get very cold and very hot in the summer.

Step #5. Select Your Window Glass

You’ll need to select the type of glass to complete your windows. The range of window glass options has grown significantly due to recent technological developments. Additionally, you can choose between double-, triple-, or even quadruple-pane glass and how far apart you want the panes to be.

The increased insulation provided by the window does not come from the number of panes of glass to the space between the glass panes. Nowadays, most manufacturers use an inert gas, mostly argon, to improve insulation over using air only.

You can consider the following glass types:

Step #6. Find the Best House Window Quality

One rule of thumb to follow when shopping for windows is this: you get what you paid for. Therefore, buying a high-quality product from a well-known manufacturer is critical, even if the price is a consideration. In addition, there are various factors to consider when purchasing a window: energy efficiency, the convenience of use, and low maintenance. Let all these factors feature in your choice.

Step #7. Consider for Window Warranties

Considering that condensation forming between the panes of an insulated glass window is a regular complaint, it’s important to look into the warranties provided by the different window manufacturers. Your best bet here is to hire an established and well-known organization. The longer a company has been in business, the more likely it is that it will be around in the future if your window ever needs repairs or replacement parts or sashes.

Hire a Reliable Window Contractor

Regardless of the windows you choose, you can expect them to last for many years. We at Falcon Windows and Doors can help you with window installation service in the Greater Toronto Area. If you have a query about window replacements for your house, we have the knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the perfect solution.

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