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Windows & Doors Tips and Resources

The latest news on windows, doors and general home improvement.

Bay Window Styles and Types

Despite the ebb and flow of other home design fashions, the bay window is a timeless element of residential architecture. Since the 1500s, bay windows Canada, which add beauty and architectural distinction to a dwelling, have appeared on homes of varying designs. The original bay window styles were merely decorative additions. For several centuries, architects […]


Bow Windows vs Bay Windows: Pros and Cons

Adding personal style and value with unique windows can be worthwhile if you want to upgrade your home. Right now, the two primary window options and styles on the market are bow windows and bay windows. An untrained eye wouldn’t tell them apart, as they look eerily similar. They also function in an almost identical […]


50 Modern Windows Ideas for the Perfect Interior

If you’re planning a renovation or building a new house you’re definitely thinking about which modern windows to choose. To simplify things a bit, we have put together modern window design ideas in one article with pictures. Hopefully, this content inspires you!