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Your Ultimate Guide To Replacing Soundproof Windows In Toronto

Choose the best soundproof replacement windows.

Schedule your FREE in-home, no-obligation consultation today!

Your home should be your safe space—and a soundproof window in Toronto can bring more peace and quiet indoors when busy streets and hectic city life gets louder.

Soundproof windows in Toronto require specific features to help control noise problems, and Falcon Windows specializes in soundproof windows for your city home.

Consider this your ultimate guide to soundproof replacement windows:

If you have any questions or want more information, we’re only a quick call or message away!


Why Are They Called Soundproof Windows?

That’s an excellent question, and we admit that no window built for residential use can always block 100% of the noise pollution in Toronto. 

Keeping that fact in mind, the description “soundproof window” can be applied to new or replacement windows that block up to 95% of noise pollution from the outside of your home.

What Type of Soundproof Window Replacement Blocks the Most Noise in Toronto?

We can better answer that question when we know what kind of sound frequencies get produced by the noise pollution outside.

For instance:

When you’re shopping for a soundproof window in Toronto, be sure to ask a qualified window representative for the window rating on the Sound Transmission Class (STC) scale. 

How Does the STC Scale Work for Soundproof Windows?

Using the STC scale, higher-rated windows should be better at reducing outdoor noises.

Here what’s to know:

Now you understand the STC scale.

Let’s discuss the technology.

Replacing soundproof windows


How Can Soundproof Windows Actually Block Noise?

The design and techniques behind a soundproof window have come a long way. 

Here’s what gets added during the manufacturing process to create the most soundproof barrier:

Extra Thick Windows

Any extra thickness in a window should reduce the noise pollution you hear inside, and a thicker window pane is designed to block more sound than a thinner window.

Adding Space to Panes of Glass

Creating gaps between glass panes can reduce unwanted noise, and adding soundproofing insulation should also reduce noise pollution.

Laminated Glass Windows

When a plastic laminated screen is placed between sheets of glass, it can break up sound frequencies to reduce noise while keeping a crystal-clear view through the window. 

How to Choose a Soundproof Window Replacement for Your Home

You have choices for soundproof replacement windows to meet your budget and what your home requires.

Here’s what to shop for:


Homeowners looking for convenient and affordable soundproof windows choose a double pane style with two sheets of glass and an insulating layer to block noise pollution.


Two layers of insulating gas separate three sheets of glass to manufacture a triple-pane soundproof window. 

Costs are generally higher because consumers expect triple-pane to block more sound, and the best triple-pane soundproof windows should be more effective in blocking more sound frequencies.

However, some consumer testing has shown that double-pane and triple-pan can both provide similar soundproofing in many areas. 


A layer of plastic provides insulation between two sheets of glass to create a laminated glass soundproof window.

This can be a good choice for soundproofing windows because the transparent plastic may diminish noise pollution while at the same time providing a beautiful view of the outside.

FAQs on Soundproof Windows in Toronto

We hear these questions the most from our customers, and knowing these answers can help you choose the right soundproof windows in Toronto.

Aren’t Insulated Replacement Windows Good Enough?

While non-soundproofed windows are usually insulated for better energy efficiency, that insulation may be ineffective against noise pollution.

The fact is, soundproofed windows are usually better sealed than replacement windows, which can provide better comfort for temperature control and reduce noise pollution.

Can Existing Windows Be Soundproofed Without Replacing?

You may increase soundproofing on existing windows a bit by applying acoustic caulking to your windows. It’s not the most effective solution, but it’s affordable.

Where Should I Get Soundproof Windows in Toronto?

Falcon Windows is your window installation and replacement specialist in Toronto and the GTA. 

We understand what homeowners need, and our window products are energy-efficient and easy to operate. 

Contact us now for more information on soundproof windows in Toronto and the GTA!

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