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Rules for Installing Egress Windows in Toronto & the GTA

Do you want to install egress windows? Read here all about the installation of egress windows.

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We know that many homeowners in Toronto and the GTA are adding a basement apartment to their residences. It’s a great idea and essential to address safety issues like egress windows in Toronto. Adding an egress window in Toronto is one of our many specialties, and we can also explain any egress window codes required by your city or municipality.

First, here’s an important question: what are egress windows?


Definition of Egress Windows

An egress window is necessary to get safely out of a home, specifically in a basement apartment, if a fire breaks out and the main exit or stairway is blocked. Most municipalities have regulations on window openings, and there are also the Ontario building code and national building code size requirements to consider.

Egress windows installation

Other Benefits of Egress Windows in Toronto and the GTA

In addition to providing a life-saving exit, egress windows in Toronto can be a great source of natural light and ventilation.

An unobstructed opening will have a minimum requirement to serve as an egress window. The National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) and its specific building codes require basement apartment bedrooms to maintain the required opening by law. 

Installing an Egress Window in Toronto

As your professional window installer, we remove the hassle of understanding all egress window requirements. Our knowledge of Ontario’s building and fire codes includes emergency exits and the opening requirement for egress windows in Toronto.

For basement apartments, the Ontario fire code has three non-negotiable requirements for making egress windows legally necessary:

  1. First, the basement living space is not equipped with a fire sprinkler system.
  2. The bedroom space does not have an access door to the exterior.
  3. The entire building is less than three stories.

Just as necessary are the opening requirements for an egress window. Let’s talk about the requirements in Toronto as an example.

Minimum Requirements for Egress Windows in Toronto

Rules and regulations make egress windows as crucial as other standard safety equipment like a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector. While a detector system warns occupants of smoke, fire, or dangerous carbon monoxide, a safe escape route is also essential. 

The National Building Code of Canada and the Ontario building code have specific regulations on the minimum requirement for an egress window. An inspector will come to give your egress window a passing mark. An egress window must have these features to receive a passing inspection in Toronto:

It’s also essential to ensure the window sash swings correctly toward a window well so it doesn’t restrict a person’s escape during an emergency. Our customers also ask us about the requirements for egress windows in every bedroom on a home’s main level or second floor.

While your installer needs to understand Ontario’s building code requirements, the good news is that only one egress window needs to be on each level, but it must always meet the building code.

We Are Your Egress Window Installer in Toronto and the GTA

Congratulations on developing your basement into rentable living space in Toronto or the GTA!

You may also develop your basement for personal use, which is fantastic. Whatever your plans are, you must ensure that your basement has at least two ways for people inside to get out safely, especially in the case of an emergency.

We understand every requirement, and our window products are always easy to open. Contact us at Falcon Windows and Doors today to discuss your egress window project in Toronto.

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