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Hopper Windows: Replacement and Installation Toronto

Discover all pros and cons of installing hopper style windows.

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Hopper windows are narrow and small windows that only open inward and downward. You will typically find them in Canada installed in bathrooms or basements. What sets hopper windows apart is their capability to open oppositely. The hallmark of hopper windows is the lever handle which enables you to open the window downward and inward position. The name comes from the design feature, which makes the open window resemble a chute or a hopper.

You can install a hopper window in a room that needs fresh air but doesn’t have enough wall space to fix a traditional or large window.


Hopper Windows Features

A top window company designs custom hopper windows that meet the building code of Canada. Seven typical features of a hopper window include:

Hopper Windows Styles

Rectangular-shaped hoppers that open inward: 

When installing hopper-style vinyl windows for a fire escape alternative, ensure the window sill is 44″ or more above the floor and has enough space for an adult to crawl through. Many hopper window styles open within a dimension of less than 380. But the recommended free space should be at least 5.7 square feet.

Hopper Windows Regular Sizes

The architectural design or age of your house may influence the size of the hopper you install. Typically, hopper windows measure between a height of 12”-24” and a length of 30”-36”.  

Basement Windows Models

When choosing a ventilation system for your cellar, you can consider an option that offers both safety and airing. Here are two window models from Falcon Windows to help you channel fresh air in the smaller interior spaces below your staircase.

Basement Hopper Windows

A typical window features a hinge at the base and measures 42”x 22” to comply with the egress code. Installing this type of hopper enables you to prevent moisture issues by opening your window to air out your basement.

In-swing Awning Window

You can open the In-swing Awning Window past 90⁰ because this model uses a simple lever style. Our Falcon WD experts can install custom-made in-swing awning windows in your home and ensure to meet the fire code for measurement, distance from the ground, and easy accessibility.

Pros and Cons of Installing a Hopper Style Window

hopper windows canada

Hopper Windows Pros

Here are some benefits to help you appreciate installing hopper windows in your home. 

#1. Improved Natural Ventilation

Provides a spacious unobstructed opening in your bathroom, basement, or above doorways for fresh air to flow into your interior living space. However, when closed, a hopper window’s sealant feature prevents shields against outdoor elements and keeps your indoor air from escaping.

#2. Efficiency

Your home can lose up to 35% of its heating and cooling energy through traditional windows. But the slimline basement hopper window bedroom egress, a Canada-made design, has three layers of weather-stripping. The triple seal prevents your indoor air from escaping to the exterior. You can save more than a third of your regular energy bills by Installing hoppers in your home.

#3. Easy to clean

You can open and secure a hopper window in any position making cleaning and maintenance comfortable. Although contractors install the windows nearer the ceiling, you can easily wipe out dirt and dust from the exterior if you climb a self-supporting step ladder.

#4. Affordable Cost and Convenient Size

Double windows can be costly to buy and difficult to install in places such as the laundry room. Instead, you can install small-sized hopper windows to help ventilate and get light in your indoor space at a relatively low cost.

#5. Flexible opening options

A hopper window egress Canada can open at different angles. Many hopper windows will partially swing inward at 45⁰ but not beyond a 90⁰ range. These features make hopper windows Canada a preferred replacement for older sash windows and ultra-modern wooden casement windows.

#6. Improved Security

Hopper windows boost security in your home because of the small-sized designs, lock system, and the high height at which contractors install the hoppers. Since the windows don’t swing beyond 90⁰, unauthorized entry is almost impossible. The dimensions within which the window opens do not give enough space for an adult to go through. 

Falcon Windows, a leading contractor in the industry, provides high-quality custom hopper windows. All our windows meet the fire code of Canada to ensure that homeowners experience comfort and safety in their homes. 

Hopper Windows Cons

Like many other window types, basement hopper windows Canada also has a few disadvantages listed below. 

#1. Limited Light and Ventilation

The hopper-style window vinyl Canada is an ideal natural ventilation option in places where you do not want to install large windows. But these windows are small and thin in design and do not provide bright natural lighting in large rooms. 

#2. Limited Privacy

Window treatments such as drapes and blinds can help improve your privacy when you open a window. However, you cannot use these options when you install Hopper windows. And people passing outside an open window can look through to spy on your indoor space. But tinting can help enhance your privacy.

#3. Prone to Leakage

Because hopper windows open inward, rainwater can leak through when left open.

Is Hopper Windows Replacement and Installation Service Necessary or Is DIY Possible?

Yes. Without professional help, you can expose your home to water leakage through poorly installed hopper windows. Our Falcon Windows experts will install or replace hoppers and ensure that each piece fits securely into its frame. We also offer additional options to help enhance your home’s color theme and design to improve curb appeal.

Professional window installers like Falcon Windows offer free consultations and helpful information about hopper windows.

With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Falcon Windows experts can work on small and big projects without compromising safety and quality of service.

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