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What’s Best for Your Home: Choosing Between Double Hung vs Casement Windows

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Learning what type of window works for your home can seem complicated.

For many homeowners, the choice comes down to double hung vs casement windows, but even after you think you’ve decided, you may still have questions such as, will double hung windows fit correctly?

We specialize in making the decision between casement vs double hung windows easier for you. 


What’s the Difference between Casement vs Double Hung Windows?

Let’s talk about casement vs double hung, starting with what makes a double hung window design unique from casement windows. 

We’ll also identify what makes one type of window better for your home.

What Are Casement Windows

This type of window is similar to a door because it swings outward. 

Casement windows typically have a crank on the frame under the glass to open and close the window. These cranks also lock the window when it’s closed.

This type of window usually has one or more side hinges attached to the window frame. The design is perfect for increasing ventilation throughout your home, and it’s also easier to escape an emergency within the home through casement windows.

What Makes a Double Hung Window Different

Double hung windows fit vertically in a window frame on the sides, also called window jambs. A double hung window opens and closes by sliding vertically on the jambs.

A double hung window is similar to a sliding window, and homeowners like the affordability, simplicity, and easy operation of this type of window.

Another great feature of double hung windows is the double sashes and panes built into the window jambs. 

A Comparison of Double Hung vs Casement Windows

All homeowners benefit from knowing the pros and cons of different types of windows, so please click on the link to read our blog on popular window styles.

Reading the blog is also a great way to help make your decision that much easier!

Casement vs Double Hung Windows

Let’s describe and compare casement vs double hung window features so you can get a good idea of the type of window that’s best for your home:

1. How Functional Is the Type of Window

How easy is a double hung window to operate versus casement windows? Knowing the practical details of different types of windows is a good factor in decision-making.

Both panes of glass in double hung windows should have movable sashes that can slide up or down in the frame, which means you can open both panes of glass at the same time.

This convenient feature allows homeowners to wash the exterior part of the glass from inside your home. It also creates a relatively good escape route if you need an emergency exit, although it’s easier to get through casement windows.

The cranking mechanism on casement windows opens and closes the windows and also locks the window securely in place.

You can also order casement windows with up to five or six sashes with panes of glass built into the window frame.

While casement windows are built durable and look attractive, the side hinges on this type of window can get distorted in the frame after years of constant use or due to intense wind or weather events. 

2. How Soundproof Is the Type of Window

There is a difference in the soundproof quality between double hung and casement windows.

Casement Windows 

Because there is a broader frame on this type of window, it often creates better insulation and sealing to make your home quieter inside and keep outdoor noise from getting in. 

In addition, when you include double or triple-paned glass, it increases your soundproofing even more.

Double Hung Window

Because the operating mechanism is different on a double hung vs casement window, a double hung window may not be able to seal itself as effectively. Therefore, it may be less energy-efficient, and more unwanted outdoor noise may filter inside.

2. How Is Your View 

When you’re choosing a type of window, the design style is as important as the practical details like functionality. You want to know how the window design will affect your view.

The versatility of a double hung window fits many home decor styles, but there’s one thing to keep in mind.

A horizontal bar is built through the centre of double hung windows that may partially obstruct your view, although this often depends on where the window is located.

There is no obstruction like a horizontal bar on casement windows, so you get a full view of the outdoors. 

What Makes Magic Series Double Casement Windows Different

We recommend Magic Series double casement windows for their innovation, durability, and clean, functional appearance from inside and outside your home.

The minimalist and modern design of Magic Series windows is exceptional in the industry, with a thin but exceptionally durable frame that allows for an increased glass surface.

In addition, this type of window includes a retractable screen for an even better view and more natural light. 

3. U-Value Difference

Because a double hung window isn’t sealed quite as tightly as casement windows, there can be a difference in the U-value of this type of window. So what does that mean?

U-values determine how much energy will escape through your windows, and the sliding mechanism on a double hung window can affect its insulating values and increase U-values.

The U-value may be improved on any type of window by incorporating double panes of glass and coating and glazing the glass to lower U-values.

Triple glass panes are the best upgrade, but the construction of a double hung window isn’t designed for triple panes of glass.

casement windows FW

4. How Durable Are the Windows

The design of a double hung window shines when it comes to durability.

Here’s how each type of window scores in the durability category:

Casement Windows 

Because casement windows crank open outwards, the entire window gets more exposure to all types of weather. 

It’s also essential to properly maintain a casement window by cleaning and lubricating the cranking mechanism.

Double Hung Window

You may find a double hung window is more durable because the sliding operation gets less exposure to weather.

5. Best Location 

Knowing where to place your windows is another important consideration.

Open or closed, a double hung window takes up little space, and this type of window is your best option for tight spaces because it can fit anywhere.

Because casement windows crank outwards, they may create a hazard on a deck, patio, or walkway.

6. Ventilation Properties for Each Type of Window

Any modern type of window design will increase ventilation within your home, but there are significant differences in double hung vs casement windows.

Double Hung Window

With two window sashes, you can adjust how much you open double hung windows to get more airflow into your home.

Casement Windows 

The cranking mechanism on casement windows directs the most airflow into your home and offers the best ventilation.

Most Important Consideration: Energy Efficiency in Casement vs Double Hung Windows

Energy costs are rising, and homeowners want to reduce their energy bills and help to combat the growing concern of climate change. That’s why energy efficiency is the most crucial consideration for double hung vs casement windows.

A double hung window can be made to seal better in a window frame to maximize energy efficiency. Still, casement windows offer the tightest seal when locked in place for the best energy efficiency.

Falcon Windows Is Pleased to Help Homeowners Choose Your Ideal Type of Windows

We are your resource for the best type of windows for your home, and Falcon WD can answer your questions about double hung vs casement windows.

Contact us today through our online form for free quotes on casement vs double hung windows—and click Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program for information on a government payback to upgrade to energy-efficient windows in your home!

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