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The latest news on windows, doors and general home improvement.

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Why Replace Your Patio Doors this Summer?

Enjoying life on your cool looking patio during a hot summer day? Living the dream, right? But just as everything in our homes, patio doors can get outdated. Whether aesthetically or efficiently, if old or improperly chosen, these fancy doors can make our lives a living hell.


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5 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

Windows are one of the most crucial parts of your house. They play vital roles in your comfort and security. As a result, you should ensure that your windows, whether new windows or old ones are in perfect condition through proper maintenance.


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5 Things to Know Before you Buy Replacement Windows

Windows are an essential component of the facade of a house. They provide both functional and aesthetic services. Besides, they are crucial to making a home energy-efficient. However, window replacement becomes necessary due to several reasons ranging from damage to becoming obsolete. Meanwhile, before heading to the market to purchase replacement windows for your home, you must know certain things to help you in making an informed decision. Read further to know the 5 things that are significant to buying replacement windows.


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