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Windows & Doors Tips and Resources

The latest news on windows, doors and general home improvement.

All About Airtightness: Getting Your Windows and Doors More Energy Efficient

Have you noticed your energy bills going up this winter? If one or more windows in your home are the worse for wear, this can happen. According to one source, doors and windows can eliminate as much as 25% of your home’s heat loss. Airtight windows and doors are essential to energy efficiency in homes […]


9 Modern Window Trim Ideas to Improve Your Toronto Interior

Modern window interior trim designs help boost your Toronto home’s cab appeal and improve functionality. In this blog, we highlight nine popular interior window trim ideas. But first, let us look at what is in window trimming.  Contents1 Window Trim Viewpoint2 Is Trim, Molding, and Window Casing the Same?2.1 Trim2.2 Molding2.3 Casing3 9 Top Interior […]


Black Windows Canada: What Makes Modern Black Windows Popular?

Black windows in Canada are popular because they enhance structural beauty. Decorators and builders use black framed windows to match many interior and exterior housing styles. Professional window contractors in Canada create sleek designs for different structures like apartments, country houses, commercial buildings, and more. Replacing a traditional casement with modern black windows helps improve […]


In-Depth Window Brands Comparison: Pella vs Andersen vs Jeld-Wen, and Vinyl-Pro Windows

In the following analysis, we will examine the offerings of four market leaders (Pella Windows Canada vs Andersen vs Jeld-Wen vs Vinyl-Pro) operating in the door and window sector. These businesses have a massive selection of products and sell their wares worldwide.   Contents1 Pella vs Andersen Windows vs Jeld-Wen vs Vinyl-Pro: Quick Comparison2 More […]


Hopper Windows: Replacement and Installation Toronto

Hopper windows are narrow and small windows that only open inward and downward. You will typically find them in Canada installed in bathrooms or basements. What sets hopper windows apart is their capability to open oppositely. The hallmark of hopper windows is the lever handle which enables you to open the window downward and inward […]


All You Need to Know About Awning Window Sizes

Awning windows are great option for your Toronto house. They are not only beautiful and functional but also reasonably priced. In addition, the range of window sizes, from small awning window sizes to gigantic ones, is a significant feature of this design. These well-liked windows are great for any room in the house, not just […]


Replacement Windows and Doors Durham 

Window and door replacements are key components for many people looking to upgrade or remodel their homes. Doing DIY repairs can end up costing you more in the long run if the work is not done properly. Our replacement windows and doors Durham team offers expert guidance and a wide range of window and door […]


7 Reasons Why Casement Windows Are Better?

Are casement windows better when considering getting new windows for your home? Here is the right place to find your answer. Although sash windows, double-hung windows, and sliding windows are all viable options, many homeowners have found that casement windows are the most convenient and aesthetically pleasing option. Casement windows, in particular, offer many benefits […]


Everything About Backyard Basement Windows You Should Know 

If there is an area where you most need natural light, free-flowing air, and an escape route in case of an emergency, it is your backyard basement. Older homes have small windows that barely bring light and have many functional features. But modern homes are quickly adopting new, stylish, and highly practical backyard basement windows, […]


Top Awning Windows Installation Service in Toronto. How to Choose Awning Windows

You may be curious about the benefits and drawbacks of awning windows if you’re considering adding trendy top awning windows to your home. These non-traditional types of windows work well in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Top awning windows offer a variety of ways to save money on energy costs and come in a […]


Custom Windows Installation and Replacement in Toronto: All You Need to Know

 If there is ever an essential fixture for your home, it is the custom windows. Besides the extra security and beauty elements these windows provide, they also help cut down on energy bills. Modern homes have the advantage of highly versatile window features that match the house’s design, style, and budget. Still, they are also […]


Energy Efficient Windows: All That You Need to Know

Any homeowner who desires an energy-efficient house should make installing windows with the energy star rating a top priority. The energy required for household heating and cooling increases by 25 and 30 percent due to heat loss and heat gain through windows.  Contents1 Advantages of Energy Star Windows2 Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Updating […]


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